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Has your company outgrown its data silos?

Think custom business software is too expensive?

Its not if you design and build it yourself with GroverDB.

Better Data Management

Want to have all your company info in one location rather than multiple spreadsheets or apps?

Drag, Drop and Click Configuration

Do you wish building your own business software was as easy as building a website?

Built for the future

Our process naturally builds a neural network utilized in machine learning and other versions of artificial intelligence.

Visualize your Data

You are part of a community. Your customers are part of communities. Life is a network of communities. Our brain is a network of neurons not a grid of columns and rows. Shouldn’t your business software be able to show you your network?

People are more than just a number on a spreadsheet

Software doesn’t have to be a cold computational experience. We designed GroverDB to make data easy for all and deliver an enjoyable humanistic experiance for the end user.

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Its amazing what happens when you get your data in one place.

Your team gets on the same page.

Your organization works towards the same goal.

"With GroverDB I had my team working on an enterprise quality business software in days rather than months. Now my team is finally on the same page."

– Satisfied Customer

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