Any craftsman has multiple tools, knows how to use each one, and knows when to use each tool. As a GroverDB user, you too have multiple ways to select, slice and dice data. So which tool in your toolbox is the right one to find an object?

Use Browse Objects to filter and view a set of objects. This is a great way to scan a list to get a sense of the what’s where. If the list is small enough it can be a good way to find and select and object. Right click to open the Object Preview, or double click to open the object in the Object Editor.

If you know exactly what you’re looking for, then QuickSearch is the best tool. Enter the Object Code or part of the name of the object you need to open and QuickSearch will search the whole database and present a list of possible matches sorted by relevance. So if you want to open a single specific object, QuickSearch is the tool to use.

Each of these tool have more advanced options, but selecting the right tool is a great start!